33rd Vascualr symposium Leuven

The Diabetic Foot Patient – Treat the Whole and Not the Hole!

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During the 33rd Vascular Symposium of Leuven on 2 December 2023, themed “What about Chronic Limb Threatening Ischaemia,” Dr. Rezaie led a workshop titled ”

Collaborating with Vascular Surgeon Dr. Houthoofd, they delved into:

  • Navigating the challenges of adhering to IKED guidelines for diverse patient profiles.
  • Understanding the reasons behind non-compliance among diabetic foot ulcer patients.
  • Examining tailored treatment approaches for elderly diabetic foot ulcer patients.
  • Strategies for sustaining motivation within a multidisciplinary team.

The workshop underscored the importance of a holistic, multidisciplinary approach for diabetic foot ulcer patients, emphasizing the necessity to comprehend each patient’s individual needs and challenges in achieving DFU healing.

Objectives included:

  • Providing practical insights for implementing protocols that yield tangible outcomes in daily clinical practice.
  • Recognizing the crucial role of each team member within the multidisciplinary diabetic foot care team.

Encouraging interactive engagement, the session fostered an environment where participants could openly address challenges and learn from both successes and failures, promoting transparency and collective learning.

Additionally, Dr. Rezaie elaborated on the evolving profile of diabetic foot pathologies over the past three decades, highlighting the increasing complexity of treatment approaches and emphasizing the ongoing need for adaptation and enhancement in care practices.

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